A Sunday Spent Indoors // LA LA LAND.

Gloomy weather calls for shutting the doors and spending some quality time with the family.

And of course when say quality time, I mean me taking two naps, and watching the Lions play some football, haha. OH! –  and watching a GREAT film (I’ll get to that later).

Its a nice day to just be away from society; away from civilization; and away from the outside responsibilities of life; outside of my small family. Everyone needs a good day to just unwind and not worry about life. I think many of us get so caught up in the ongoing responsibilities that life holds. Of course, that’s only normal. As adults, we all have things that we have to do each week in life, right?

The beautiful thing that I love about Sundays is that they are the week’s ‘Reset Button.’ When Monday comes around, most of us are getting started with a new week. Each week has the regular hustle and bustle of a job, or managing kids, or running errands. And for most people as well, even Saturday can be a busy day to get things done, or even just to play catch-up on what they might have not gotten around to during the week. But Sunday… Sunday is a beautiful day to just sit back, wind down, and relax. Unless of course you work for the NFL.

One of the favorite things that my wife and I enjoy doing on Sunday’s is watching movies. Typically, this will have (at some point during the week) involved a prior trip to Best Buy in order to get a new movie that we have never seen before. This week’s selection was the Emmy Award Wining: LA LA LAND. This movie is unapologetically a musical, all the way through. The opening scene is one giant event taking place on the freeways of Los Angeles. This movie was absolutely stunning. The performances, the music, the flow; everything was literally a 10/10 for me. If you have not seen this film yet, I HIGHLY recommend it! I’m going to stop there because I really could go on and on about this film and what an amazing movie it is. As I previously mentioned, this is a Musical. If that’s not your vibe, then you probably would not enjoy it as much.

Well, I think I went off on a bit of a tangent on that one. In any case, it was a great Sunday to just wind down. We didn’t step out of the house for anything!

…well, I take that back. We ordered some take-out and I went out to pick it up. Oh yeah – that’s the other great thing about Sunday’s. We typically don’t cook and we just order out. Maybe that’s why I look forward to Sundays so much… who knows. In any case, I hope that your Sunday was great as well! Even if you’re reading this mid-week.


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