Home is where the heart (or your favorite pizza) is.


The only thing more exciting than saying the word, is getting to experience it’s greatness in all of it’s glory. I’m sure you can already guess what this post is going to be about, but incase you haven’t figured it out by now, its going to be about Pizza.

Literally every cell in my body:

giphy (5).gif

So where am I taking your tastebuds off to this time? Well, boys and girls, we’re going back to a familiar place this time around. For those of you who have been following my blog, you might recall that my favorite pizza place is a little ‘hole-in-the-wall’ known simply as Chicago Style Pizza. Click here to read my original review.


My original review RAVED about their Deep Dish style pizza, and how it has a great crust and an even better sauce.

As if I thought this place couldn’t offer anything better, a buddy of mine asked “Have you tried their stuffed-pizza?”

giphy (7)

Of course, I felt very intrigued! So what did I do? LOLOLOL, lets not kid each other, we all know what I did. I called the Mrs. and said “Don’t worry about cooking anything for dinner: I GOT THIS!”

So lets get into the meat and cheese (pun definitely intended) of this review. I present: The Stuffed Pizza!


LITERALLY a Pizza Pie! I thought my taste buds had reached the peak of their existence. But I was (gladly) wrong.

This pizza was nothing short of a revelation.

giphy (8).gif

I finished just one slice and I just knew….

giphy (6)

If you read my prior review on this place, the sauce is probably one of the best flavored-sauces that I’ve ever had. It was outstanding! But the difference this time was in the crust and the content. This pizza was layered in the following format (bottom to top):

  1. Thin crust
  2. Added toppings
  3. Cheese (and LOTS of it)
  4. Thin crust
  5. Sauce
  6. Grated Cheese

Scroll back up to see the thickness. Here’s another shot from above:


Is it normal to get sweaty hands while writing about pizza, or is that just me at the moment???

Let me drive a major point about this: Cheese.

If you love cheese, this is THE pizza for you. The cheese layer was so thick! Which I absolutely loved. Couple this pizza together with an order of cheesy breadsticks (which you can tell is literally just plain breadsticks with a ‘dump-truck’s worth’ of cheese) and you have yourself a great dinner!


So much food, so much YES-ness. An amazing meal, no doubt at all. If you’re me, this is an amazing meal to leave you in a food-coma. If you’re not me, chances are that you might have leftovers, because it is a lot of pizza. I mean… that is if you believe in such a blasphemous thing as “leftover pizza.”

So there you have it! I think they’re starting to recognize me at this place due to my frequent visits. Which means that in the future, there might be a possibility of ‘Social Omar’ turning into a discount code!

Ha, perhaps one day. A boy can dream.

Let me know what you think of this place if you happen to swing by.



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