PIZZA REVIEW! – [Jac’s Cekola’s Pizza]

Hello friends, family, esteemed pizza enthusiasts. Yesterday was a great day! For me in particular, it was an amazing day. Not because it was Friday. Well sure, that might contribute to it a bit. The weekend is the perfect excuse to make some bad nutritional decisions, AMIRITE?! (Or great decisions… either way). Most importantly, it was an amazing day because PIZZA! Let us gather together in a moment of silence for all the cheese, sauce, and toppings that were consumed yesterday.


Thank you. Now Lets Get On With The GOOD STUFF!!

Cool Transition: (Explosions, Rock Music, and What Not).

Today’s selection comes from a local staple. Ladies and Pizza Savages, allow me to introduce Jac’s Cekola’s Pizza:


I originally heard of Jac’s when I attended a local pizza competition a while back. Before I jump further into that, let me tell you, this pizza competition is a DREAM! If you are like muah (me) and have a burning passion for pizza, then this is an event for you! ‘Pizza Fest, Portage’ – Google it. Jac’s was one of the local pizzeria’s that was submitting their different pizzas for a chance to rule supreme in different pizza categories. I had the opportunity to try out their submission for Best Specialty Pizza. It was their Chicken Cordon Blue pizza. One word – WOW. So of course, when I knew that I would be reviewing them today, I decided to order that along with my standard pepperoni. For those of you that have stuck with me so far, I want to thank you for resisting the urge to jump ahead to the photos. But I think its time that we go ahead and jump forward to catch up with those who scrolled past this in order to just look at the pictures.

Here We Go!


Pictured first – the Specialty Chicken Cordon Blue. This pizza has a base sauce of garlic aioli, as well as being topped with chicken, bacon, and ham. This gets cooked in the oven, and once it comes out, even More garlic aioli is added on top!; which you can see in the picture. What I do not have pictured is that this pizza actually also comes topped with lettuce and minced tomatoes. It was not on the pizza when I picked it up, but they did give me those toppings on the side so that I could add them right before consumption for maximum freshness! But then I remembered that I’m not, nor have I ever been, a rabbit; so I decided to forgo the lettuce and tomatoes.

Pictured second – my classic test pizza; Pepperoni. Lets jump right into to it. First – the sauce. As mentioned on their website, Jac’s makes their own homemade sauce. Of course, this gets my insides smiling. When I ordered, I asked for extra sauce because I need to have all that flavor hit me in order to really interpret it into words for you! And I do mean that I need the flavor to HIT me!

(Video below: Omar on the left. Pizza Sauce on the right.)

giphy (3).gif

Typically, I find that sauces tend to be either very bold-flavored, or very sweet.  I recall two other pizza places that I reviewed in the past, and each of their respective sauce was on either side of the ‘bold or sweet’ spectrum. Jac’s, however, had a sauce that landed right in the middle. At first bite, you get a very bold and heavy flavor, which some might feel is a bit too overpowering. But after a bite or two, your palette seems to pick up on it and its actually less invasive and picks up a bit of a sweeter taste to it.

As for the crust: this was perhaps the softest thin crust that I have ever had on any pizza. Considering that it was rolled out to a thin crust, I find that most of the time, the baking process causes a thin crust to firm up a bit. But this pizza crust was about as soft as a regular pan-style. It was unexpected, that’s for sure. The crust was still great and the softness actually worked well! My only concern with it is that because it was so soft, you had to anticipate giving the slice almost a full-hand of support because if not, you might end up with a floppy slice; which I will only accept if I’m eating a NY Style slice that requires folding in half.

Here’s a few more shots of the cause of my food-coma


PLOT TWIST – I did add the lettuce and tomatoes. Sue me.

And here’s a vid of me entering my food coma:

giphy (4).gif

NOW…. I have to submit a wildcard to this review. Typically, cheese and toppings are the same wherever you go. But there was something about Jac’s cheese blend that they use for their pizzas that just…. it was amazing! If you look at their specialty pizzas, their cheese can range anywhere from fresh mozzarella to cheddar cheese. However, the pizza that I had seemed to have a special cheese blend. HAHA, the funny part is that I ate about 2 slices actually taste-testing the sauce and crust, but I must have eaten another 2 slices just trying to figure out the cheese alone! I would guess that it was a mozzarella, swiss, and parmesan blend. But like any good secret, I don’t think that they would ever confirm their mix.

There you have it! The location itself seems to be a great sports bar to gather with friends and colleagues. So swing on by and tell them SocialOmar sent you! They’ll be sure to give you blank stare and say “who is that..?”

Maybe one day my name will yield a discount on pizza. But until then, its full-price pizza for dinner!



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