Another day has come and gone. With only the passing of a few minutes, and the change of the date past midnight, the good Lord has provided me with the opportunity to age another year. As of August 21st, I am officially 26 years of age. Yes – hense the title of my blog post. “Lap 26” – meaning that I have just completed my 26th journey around our sun! And just like that – I’M CLOSER TO RETIREMENT!!!

FullSizeRender 3


What better way to spend a birthday than to be surrounded by those that you love. In the featured image of this post, you’ll see me with my wife and my offsprin – err, I mean, my sons. My siblings, along with their families, as well as my parents, were also gathered together with me on this day. But I mean… lets be real… we all gathered for a common reason. And as much as I’d like to assume that I was the main reason to gather, I think its safe to say everyone attended my birthday gathering for a common purpose. The Food.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my family, and getting together with them is great! But when we all get together, there’s always a plan for some good food! On this joyous day, the menu had one item – BURRITOS! Mmm! I love me some good burritos! But I would like to argue that burritos are non-existent. Typically, a good hispanic meal will have meat (steak or chicken for the most part), tortillas (of course because, well, its Hispanic food!) and you will typically have RICE and BEANS on the side. (And salsa…. because we’re Mexican). So here’s MY theory. One day – you had Juan (because why NOT give him that name) and Juan didn’t want to deal with eating tacos and scooping the rice and beans and salsa on the side. So what did Juan do?! If you haven’t guessed it by now, I basically gave you all the pieces of the puzzle, you just have to put it together. THAT’S RIGHT – He took a giant tortilla, threw everything in there, folded it and tucked it nicely, and BAM – Burrito. I know what you’re thinking – “Omar. That… is… GENIOUS!” Lets eat!

giphy (1)

Aside from the good food, it was a great day to sit back and reflect on how time has passed me by so swiftly; and all without a moments notice. Imagine – just five years ago, I was turning 21. My only concern for then was which bar I would go out to in order to get my first legal drink! Back then, I was only dating my now-wife; and sharing an apartment with my best friend. We would go to the clubs from 11-2am. And by 2:30am, we would have a Steak n’ Shake menu in front of us waiting to order breakfast! Haha.. where has the time gone? These days, I’m putting my oldest son to bed around 9:00, and putting myself to sleep by 10:00! And if there’s ANY staying up past midnight, its to watch the latest paid-programming for the new Shark cordless vacuum!

…sorry, my inner-40 year old got the best of me. Ah yes! – on another related note, my cake was actually a cheesecake! From Costco – trust me, you will not be disappointed. Yes – what a great birthday it was indeed. Admittedly so, I did have the temptation to visit many food and beverage establishments just to ask if they had free birthday items. I was able to get a free coffee at Biggby, so at least I got that much. A great day with even better people; what a fun birthday!

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