Artisan Sandwich Co.

“Life is like a sandwich – the more you add to it, the better it gets.”


What is the timeless meal that is always a secure and quick go-to when it comes to wanting to grab a bite to eat? As much as this might pain me to admit – its not pizza! No – in fact, I think that we can all agree on the idea that when it comes to wanting to grab a quick bite to eat, perhaps the most convenient option is a good old-fashioned sandwich. I mean, think about it! Its a meal with many different ingredients all layered on top of one another, that becomes a hand-held meal! Amazing. I’m going to level with you… it hurts to admit that a sandwich is a ‘more-convenient-meal’ than pizza. (BUT I REFUSE TO ADMIT THAT IT TASTES BETTER). Erm, **Ahem**, sorry… just need a minute to compose myself. Anyways, back to it – why am I writing about sandwiches, you might ask? Well, its because my brother-in-law and his wife (my sister) just opened their very own sandwich shop! I present:

Artisan Sandwich Co.


Its been a long summer for them, but I’m very proud and beyond happy that there’s now another eatery in the fami- um, I mean… I’m very happy that they were able to open their sandwich shop.

For my local friends, their sandwich shop is located right in downtown Kalamazoo – in the outdoor mall. Its a great area to walk and shop around. And now – there is a great sandwich shop where you can have a GREAT meal! Its a quaint little shop with a lot of character. Here’s a quick shot from the spot where you will be forced to wait the few minutes that it takes for them to assemble greatness; the spot where you will have to ask for an early napkin to remedy your salivating mouth from taking over your face. I know… its painful having to wait for good food. But trust me.. this one’s worth it.


Here’s another shot from their Instagram page:


Yes – while a sandwich can be a quick meal, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have to be a premium sandwich! So if you’re ever in downtown Kalamazoo, check out Artisan Sandwich Co.!

Mention that Omar sent you, and receive a discount of 0% off!

….Hopefully I get a free sandwich if someone really does mention my name.

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