The Swift Passage of Time

Time waits for no one.

Isn’t that such a true statement. We’ve all been through it, right? Our years as children seem to have lasted a lifetime. The following years as students through high school felt like a rollercoaster ride: a long trip that ended so fast. But it’s starting to become more and more apparent to me with the years beginning with adulthood, that time waits for now one; and will never slow down for anyone. I don’t mean to make myself sound like a wise old man who’s past decades of life can be seen on the surface of his face. I am in fact only in my mid-20’s. Sure, I have a whole lifetime ahead of me. But I can help but to reflect back on my past only to see where life has taken me, and what it is that I’ve accomplished. It seems like only yesterday I was beginning my job at my current employer as just an intern. A young new face to the workforce with 0 experience; armed only with the knowledge that a textbook could provide me with. At the time, I was still a young lad who’s only worry besides being able to pay for gas was being able to pay for dates for my then-girlfriend. I had barely purchased my first vehicle – with ONLY 125k miles on it, haha! I was renting an apartment with my best friend. The life of a guy who had no idea how life would change.

Wow… seems like all of that was a lifetime ago. If I go down the line of the events that I previously listed out… what a black-and-white picture it is that I would be looking at. Years have passed, and I’ve made a number of vertical moves in my company to where I now have more responsibilities and I know so much more than what I did all those years ago when I was just an intern who didn’t even know how to operate the copy machine. Next – my personal relationship. My then-girlfriend at the time decided to take a risk in life and become my now-wife, haha. And it has been a beautiful relationship that we’ve had from the start. In fact, we were together for a Long time before we were married. With that, she has also given me two sweet little boys… boys who have perfected the art of asking me for snacks and food. But I love my boys so much. Sure, they may be little monsters at times, but my wife and I are beyond thankful that these two were placed in to our lives. Besides, they’re our little monsters. Next up – vehicles. Back then, I just had my vehicle to get me from A to B. A little stick-shift car with just enough life left in it to take this young college student from work, to class, and back home. Now, I have my daily driver (which also just has enough life to get me from point A to point B) and I have the family vehicle. Something a bit more practical for a growing family with a dog. Oh yes, I almost forgot – we have a dog now! Lastly – living arrangements. Back then it was a new apartment lease agreement and a moving vehicle every summer. But not this summer. No – this time, we’re going to stay right where we are: in our very first house. We finally have a place we can call our own and do with what we see fit. Being a homeowner is an amazing feeling. I have my own lawn! Haha, its a great moment for me, alright?

But yes…. how the times have changed. You always hear people saying “if you would have told me 5 years ago that [da da-da da-da, etc.]…”. Well, if you would have told me 5 years ago that my life today would be nothing like what it was back then, I would have whole-heartedly believed you. To clarify, yes – all the ‘then and now’ events that I walked through above is just a span of the last 5 years. And if you were to tell me today that my life is going to be completely different in 5 years time, I would agree with you! I fully expect to have a different life in 5 years than what I have today. The beauty in it? I have NO idea what it is that my life with be like… and I’m perfectly ok with that. Here’s the to the next 5 years! May they be filled with great adventure and even better company.


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