A Hidden Pizza Gem!

You’ve heard me say it before – the best places to get food, are the places that are considered to be ‘hole-in-the-wall’ joints that not many people know about. Well… allow me to introduce to you my latest pizza endeavor. Ladies, Gentlemen, and other pizza enthusiasts of the sort; I would like to present you with the following pizza place:


Fricano’s. I’m sure that some of you local Kalamazoo/Portage natives are familiar with the place I’m talking about. But I’m also sure that many of you have never heard of this place. Furthermore – for those of you that have heard of this place, I’m willing to bet that the majority of you haven’t even been to this place to eat! How can I be so sure? Take a look at the following map (courtesy Google Maps):

Screenshot at Jul 23 14-14-03.png

If you take a good-hard look, you’ll see that this pin is dropped in the middle of a bunch of farm fields. I was SHOCKED at how busy this place was for being out in the middle of nowhere! However, after trying the pizza (which is just a small portion of their food-offerings) it was very clear to me as to why this place thrives, though it’s in such a remote location. With no further delay, lets get right into my latest pizza experience. This classic came highly recommended from a few friends of mine. So I decided to go with the following: Franco’s Pepperoni and Italian Sausage Pizza with Extra Sauce.


My first impression: this pie looks LEGIT! Some might find this strange, but I love the fact that this pizza is NOT in a perfect uniform shape. I feel that it adds to the authenticity of the pizza-eating experience. Another thing that immediately sticks out is the burnt edges. However, this feature was only found on the outer-rim of the pizza, as you can see above. But I promise you, this was not an issue for the rest of the crust.

So lets get in to my two favorite points of critique with any pizza: the crust and the sauce. First, lets start with the crust. As previously mentioned, you can see the crispiness on the outer-edge of the pizza. But this was not a problem for the rest. In my opinion, the crust was cooked to perfection! This pie was cooked in classic fashion: a 12″ pizza with a thin crust. Let me tell you… this was perhaps one of the best thin-crust pizzas I’ve ever had. The crust on the under-side was not overcooked to the point where it became brittle. And typically, I like my thin crust to have just a bit of a snap in it. This pizza did not have that, and I have no problem admitting that it was better for it. The thin crust on this pizza had a bit of a chew to it. It was amazing!

Next – the sauce! The signature of any pizza place. The last pizza that I had, and blogged about, had a very heavy and bold taste. This pizza, however, had a very light taste to it. What I mean by that is that the flavor did not come at you at 100% where it basically hits you square in the taste buds as soon as you take a bite. The sauce offered here still had great flavor, but it wasn’t too overwhelming. For some individuals, this can make a difference; so I think that this pizza would cater to those who are looking for a light flavor pizza that isn’t too heavy on the boldness of their sauce. Another interesting facet of this pizza sauce was that, interestingly enough, it had a very sweet taste to it. Almost as if there is some sort of sugar or other sweetener used in the sauce-making process. It was unlike anything I’ve ever tried before. Again, this is not something that would cater to everyone, because I know that there are individuals that don’t like too much sweetness in anything that they eat. For me, however, it provided a different experience that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Here’s a zoom-in of the delicacy that I was able to enjoy! Keep reading for my final rating of this place!


For all these reasons – this Italian eatery makes an outstanding pizza that I would be more than happy to go an order from again. I’m going to give this place an 8.5/10. So here’s another picture as a wrap-up! Enjoy! And thanks for taking the time to read my latest review! Cheers!


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