Carbs for Days!

My wife and I have been trying out different recipes over the past few months. There is one in particular that we tried out that we absolutely loved! And what’s best, anyone that we’ve had the pleasure of hosting in our house for which we chose to prepare this meal has always told us how much they love this dish. The feedback has always been great. So with no further delay, it gives me great pleasure to present you with our favorite pasta dish!




…Now not so fast, I have to describe to you what this is and how I made it before I can just show you the finished product! I guess of course the finished product is set as the featured image of this post so my argument is now defeated within itself as it was the first thing that you saw before even reading this post. And yet.. the more I talk about this, the worse my case gets. SO – now that you’ve already seen what this looks like, allow me to take you through the cooking process:

First: The Ingredients. All 6 of them.


That’s right, this amazing dish that I have not had one bad review on only contains the 6 ingredients that you see above. So lets dive right in to how it is that this masterpiece gets prepared! First off – the meats need to be cooked. To start, I slice and cube the bacon (thick cut). I also slice up the smoked sausage. Both of these get fried up in a frying pan with some olive oil. Below is a quick snip of the process.


Alongside this process, the pasta is boiled in a large pot of water. When the pasta is set in the boiling water, I mix a good splash of olive oil in to the water so that the pasta doesn’t stick to itself. If you’re wondering – no, the oil and water mixture does not cause a huge explosion expected of the two elements when they are hot and mixed. Reason-being is that there is a large disparity between the mixture of ¬†oil vs water.

While all of the above is on its way, the last preparation needed is to shred the parmesan cheese triangle. I used to just buy a bottle of Kraft Parmesan. But then a colleague of mine suggested that I give this other cheese a try and it was a GREAT suggestion. The whole cheese, that needs to be shredded, allowed a large amount of flavor to be locked in; only to be released once it gets added to the meal. Lastly, when the meats, the pasta, and the cheese are prepped, its time to mix it all together! So in a large and deep pan, I throw in the meats and dump in the container of the heavy whipping cream that you seen pictured above in the ingredients list. I also add in 2 tablespoons of butter. Then, the cooked pasta goes in as well. And lastly, about a cup and a half of cheese gets thrown in there as well, in order to really thicken up the resulting sauce. With all of this mixed together, set the pan to medium-low and let it all cook slowly for about 10 minutes. With the sauce simmered down, and still a bit thin, toss a lid on the pasta and let it sit with no heat for about another 10 minutes to allow the sauce to thicken up to completion. With that, I give you the nearly finished result:


As you might have noticed in the featured image, I add a bit more to the dish to make it my own. I add another dash of cheese on to the pasta once served. I also toss a bit of crushed red pepper seeds. Add a bit of salt to flavor, and TA-DA! I give you the piece that is ready to consume.


As mentioned, this is such a savory dish! As you can tell, this is a not a dish for someone to eat if you’re looking to “watch what you’re eating.” I mean, c’mon! Butter? Lots of cheese? HEAVY WHIPPING CREAM?! I do promise you however, that once you have a bit of this, nothing else will matter. Give it a try, and you have any variations, please let me know; I’d love to try them! Thanks for reading!


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