The Best Family Time Involves Pizza.

Another week gone; and another Friday night tossing random dinner ideas out until we finally land on pizza! If there’s one great thing about arriving to the weekend, its finally getting to spend time with my family. As I’m sure any parent would say about their own children, my kids are hilarious! I genuinely miss them when I’m at the office. But duty calls and bills have to be paid. Another reason why I love the weekends? Because my wife and I will play the back and forth game of “what do you want for dinner?” And let me tell you, we are EXPERTS at playing that game. 9 times out of 10, we end up landing on pizza as the dinner option. If you know me, I LOVE PIZZA. So, perhaps… maybe… there’s the possibility that I might steer our conversation in that direction…

Wife: “What do you want for dinner?”

Me: “I don’t know; what sounds good to you?”

Wife: “I don’t know. Do you feel like cooking?”

Me: “Is there any defrosted meat?”

Wife: “No, only meat in the freezer”

Me: “Hmm.. well I’m not sure we could make something else.”

Wife: “Yeah..”

Me: “I could just go order something quick and go pick it up.”

Wife: “Mmm, yeah, we could do that. What sounds good to you?”

Me: “I don’t know.”

Wife: “….”

Me: “….”

Me: “You know, I asked some friends on Facebook for pizza recommendations and there were a few places that we haven’t tried out…”

Wife: “Pizza sounds good!”

Me: (YEAAAAHHH!!!!) “I mean, sure, that’s cool, we can do that. I’ll pick a spot and call”


Tonight was pretty close to the script. I arrived home from work and we had a few errands to run out and do. So it was just a mere choice of “Hey, we’re on the road… what should we get for dinner?” Before I was done asking the question, we both already knew what choice was going to be made. Lets just say that asking the question is a formality, more than anything.

Tonight, we decided to try out a local pizza place called Franco’s Italian Pizzeria. Click here to go to their website and give them a quick look. Below is a quick photo of the pizza before I decided to absolutely destroy it… or at least a picture of the box.


Lets not sit here an pretend that you haven’t already scrolled down to see the actual pizza before reading this sentence. But incase you had the patience to read this first, I shall make you wait no longer. BEHOLD!


Let me get straight into my thoughts of this place. First off, the atmosphere of this place is very cozy. I’m pretty sure that this pizzeria is set inside of an old house that was refurbished to fit the pizza making equipment. But this gave the pizzeria a very cozy feeling that was inviting and not as ‘straight-lined’ as you would find in a Pizza Hut, or other chain restaurant. From what I’ve been told, the owner and the family are Italian. Physically, this place had a great atmosphere; and the aroma that filled the pizzeria was super inviting. If you just close your eyes and imagine hard enough, you wouldn’t picture yourself standing in Michigan.

On to the pizza! So when I try a new pizza place, I typically just order a pepperoni pizza. Its simple, its classic, and its a pepperoni pizza. If a pizza place can’t manage to do that, are they really a pizzeria to begin with? Above is the picture of the pizza that I ordered. Just looking at the picture above, it looks like a plain pizza; which it is. The crust was rolled out rather thin, which I don’t particularly mind because I’ve actually begun to really like thin crust. However, from my experience, I find that thin crust pizzas are either a hit or miss. What I mean by that is that because you are dealing with a thin crust pizza, you can expect to have a bit of a snap in the crust – because it is a thin crust. However, I find that there’s ever only 2 outcomes. Either its cooked just right and it has a nice snap to it. Or, its cooked too far, the crust becomes hard, and you have to put forth quite a bite and effort in order to eat the slice comfortably in smaller portions. Unfortunately, I’m going to have to rate today’s pizza as a miss. The crust seemed to be a bit past its cooking point of a comfortable snap, and it was a bit of a battle to power through more than a slice or two. Regardless, it wasn’t a huge issue, and this is something that could be corrected easily. Next comes the sauce. If you read a prior post of a place that I had reviewed a while back, the sauce in that pizza had a light and sweet base to it. Not much of an aroma, but the flavor of that pizza was absolutely outstanding. What I had here tonight was a bit of an opposite – but not of the negative sense. The sauce that accompanied my pizza tonight had a very bold taste as well as a bold aroma to it. It was actually fantastic! The sauce was very complimentary to the simple cheese and pepperoni that were on the pizza. Even now, and hour after eating the pizza, I still have a sense of the strong aroma from the pizza sauce still lingering in the back of my throat; and I am not mad at that. I don’t know enough about this place to know if they make their sauce from scratch or if they source their sauce from a supplier. But I’m going to guess that, based on the fact that they are a small pizzeria and their sauce has a bold taste and aroma unlike anything I’ve ever had before, this place makes their sauce from scratch. And if I’m wrong.. well then they definitely fooled me!

So that’s basically it! The pizza had its pros and cons, but ultimately, I thought this was super enjoyable. However, this is only one place that I can mark off my ever-lasting list of pizzerias that I intend to try. I hope you enjoyed the read, and if you’re ever in the area, give Franco’s a shot and let me know your thoughts!

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