Thanksgiving in July!

So much food, so little space to share it all!

But! – I will try my best to describe for you this mouthwatering Turkey bird that my brother decided to cook yesterday for a family dinner. Lets get started!

What’s better than beautiful weather on a Sunday afternoon? I’ll tell you. Having a great meal around family, that’s what! My brother decided to give his hand at smoking a Turkey, as well as a chicken. Here’s the starting point:


What you have here are 2 birds that are ready to go in the smoker. On the left, you have Thanksgiving dinner; who accidentally showed up in the summer: a 14 lb. Turkey. On the right – you have your ordinary chicken: 5 lbs. But I want you to notice that the turkey was stuffed with a few select veggies – but most importantly (in my opinion) – the apples. Nope, those are not red potatoes you see in there, those are apples. These babies made a WORLD of difference in the overall taste of the turkey. There were other contributors to the taste as well. Both birds were injected with garlic herb creole butter. And both were seasoned with a secret house recipe. The seasoning was absolutely MAGICAL! Before you ask, I’m not going to reveal the secret house recipe because its a secret!… I don’t know what it is either.

Lets move on the transition stage. So both went in a tower smoker where the cooking temperature was set to 275. The turkey went on for 4.5 hours until the internal temperature reached 170 (160 is the recommended temp to ensure that it cooks properly). The chicken took about 3 hours to cook. Here’s some pictures of the food as it reached completion:


And now, with no further delay, I would like the present the finished product:


So… in my excitement for wanting to try the turkey, I completely forgot to take a picture of the chicken. Please forgive me. But this turkey…. THIS. TURKEY. Remember how earlier I had mentioned the apples and the impact that they had? They provided the turkey with a subtle sweetness that one might imagine if the meat had been lightly coated with brown sugar. The sweet flavor that I’m describing was the perfect compliment to the juiciness of the turkey. To me, turkey can sometimes have a bold flavor. I felt that this turkey had that, and this sweetness that the apples provided to it gave it a perfect balance.

Now comes the hardest part of this post. We’re talking about a good-size bird here. Unfortunately, because the turkey was so delicious, any and all leftovers were gone before I could even serve myself seconds. Worse off, this isn’t something that you can just run to the store to re-stock on. So… I might have to wait until Thanksgiving until I get another opportunity at this. I know, I’ll take my own turkey and have my brother cook it along with the main bird. Then I’ll just pack mine up and have my own left-overs. HA! – more like “left-all of it”!


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