Dinner on a stick.

Some would argue that breakfast is the best meal of the day. Others would argue that the best meal of the day would be lunch or dinner. Let’s be honest with each other… let’s all collectively sit in a confession circle, begin a confession group, and all confess at once that any moment we get to eat food is the best meal of the day; therefore making EVERY meal the best meal of the day.

Having a good meal is nice, and sometimes a good meal is all wrapped up in one package that you can hold in one hand. With that, I’d like to present my dinner of choice for tonight. Ladies and Gents, I present to you: The Shish Kabob.


I had an entire chuck roast sitting out so that I could cook some steak. I had mentioned the dinner plan to a co-worker and the shish kabob suggestion came up – which turned out to be a great suggestion! So lets jump right in to how I prepared these beauties! We all know that shish kabobs typically contain meat; and the variety typically comes in what types of veggies you want to skewer on there. You can probably pick out all of my choices from the photo above, but if you look below, you’ll see a shot of the fresh items that I decided to include in tonight’s dinner:


Above, you can see a variety of bell peppers, as well as an purple onion. The only veggie I don’t have pictured is the cherry tomatoes (which were a last minute audible called – and a great one at that). Once these (as well as the meat) were all chopped up, they were added to the skewers in variety. A great tip that I want to bring up is actually one that I had received while getting the suggestion for dinner. If you look closely in the background of the photo above, you’ll see the wooden skewers sitting in a mug full of water. The purpose of this is to get them nice and soaked. By doing this, it keeps the wood from burning during the cooking process. Also, they absorb water as they sit there, so they expand a bit. Once the items are added to make the shish kabob, and they are cooking on the stove/grill, the water basically evaporates, which makes the skewers shrink back down to original size. The great part about this is that the meat and other ingredients don’t get stuck on the skewers and they tend to slip off a lot easier while you enjoy your meal.

So next comes the seasoning. If you look down below at the next photo, you’ll see the subtle seasoning that was added. Simply just some table salt and some Italian seasoning. Before the next step of tossing them on the heat, I coated them in some olive oil (lightly). Then, they just go on the grill (or grated griddle in my case) on medium heat.



In order to contain the heat, I had them covered with pan lids (though that didn’t necessarily provide for a tight seal, but it worked). The cooking process was fairly simple: just coat them repeatedly very lightly in olive oil, and give them a turn every 6-8 minutes. After about 30-40 minutes of cooking, I give you the decadent delight of a dinner that I had the pleasure of enjoying this evening:


These were so good! Now the following is just my personal preference, but after I took them off of the heat, I decided to add some rock salt; just a sprinkle – #saltbae.

A great dinner that had variety AND loads of flavor! Hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed eating writing about it! Now please excuse as I go enjoy one more.

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