Winner of the neighborhood’s Best Lawn!

My wife and I just purchased our first home last August. Its a small starter home, but for us and our two little boys, its perfect. And seeing now that I’m a first-time homeowner, I know have something else in my possession that I need to care for. Of course, the house is the most important, but I’m also referring to the other part of home-ownership… the lawn. In some future post, I’d love to discuss the work that I did inside our house when we bought it, but for now, I’ll just talk about the the subject matter. A good-looking house is important to some. To me, the lawn is just as important. Since we had purchased our home in the fall, I didn’t plan to invest any time or money into the lawn or any landscaping work. Since I had decided to wait until this summer, I had the rest of the fall and the entire winter to do my research on lawn care. As simple as it may seem, I went to Google and simply searched for “How to have the best lawn.” The plentiful amount of links that followed provided me with all the resources that I could ask for to put me on track to winning the Neighborhood’s Best Lawn.

If you took a peek at the featured photo before reading this post, you would have seen my efforts so far, and the result. Here’s another peek at my front lawn as of last weekend:


I mean, LOOK at that diamond-checkered grass pattern! I’ve been taking the right steps to make my lawn look nice and green, and let me tell you… I have by far taken the neighborhood’s spotlight. But a nice lawn doesn’t stop at green grass and a good-looking pattern. Oh no, there’s the rest to consider. If you look at the photo above, you will notice that in my front lawn, I have a pine tree. Well, there wasn’t anything spectacular about the tree just sitting there in my front lawn. So about a month or so ago, I decided to beauty up the base of the tree with a flower bed. Here’s a close look at the progress and the finished result.

First off, we have the start of my project: digging out the ring of the flower bed at the base of the tree:



Fast forward a bit, and the flowers have been planted, as well as black mulch laid out around them in order to provide a nice contrast against the bright colors:



And for the final product – I give you the finished flowerbed with rocks outlining it as well as the flowers being all grown out.



With all those pieces of in play, I have one nice looking front lawn. But now its time to be honest. Real talk about to happen… I didn’t win the neighborhood’s best lawn. The only reason being is that there is no such award given in my neighborhood. But, I think I’m going to start a committee, suggest the idea, and submit my lawn for the running. Yeah… that’ll do it. That’ll teach all those Baby Boomers. Especially you, Carol! Prepare to be Millennialed! The next time you ask me how to attach a PDF file to an email, I’m going to stand where you can see my beautiful lawn right behind me in all of its glory while I explain how to do said requested technical task!

Ahem… sorry, I just, err…. its nothing personal except it is.

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