Some of you have been doing this for decades. Some of you are teaching your child how to ride a bike. And some of you might barely be learning how to change a diaper.

Wherever you are in your everlasting journey of fatherhood, you must realize that you are a father because there is someone in your life that you call your child. Love them, cherish them, raise them, have fun with them, lift them up, guide them through life, and most importantly – continue to show them why it is that they’re so happy to call you Dad. Today is for you – the man who has dedicated your life to a younger human; even if it was something as small as getting the peanut butter off of the top shelf. Today is for you – for being there when they needed guidance through life; even if it was for something as simple as helping them to choose their first outfit on the first day of high school. Today is for you – for helping your child through life’s toughest moments; even if it was just helping them to get back on the bike without training wheels. Today is for you – Dad.

Happy Father’s Day to all the men out there well-deserving of the title.

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