Boys will be Boys

My son… a kid all the way through his heart and soul.

The family gathered together this weekend to celebrate my Mother’s birthday. It was a beautiful day in Michigan. The sun shined with beauty, giving us with temps in the 80’s. As if that might have been too hot for some, there was an amazing breeze that only complimented the sunshine that was raining down. The light smoke from the grill carried out the scent so commonly known to everyone. All of these elements put together are a recipe for any successful cookout with Family and Fun.

My son is in his early years of discovery. Currently at the age of 3 (almost), he’s fully mobile and Everything interest him; as it should. The whole family was outside enjoying the beautiful day, and I was just keeping an eye on my son from a distance. You know – making sure he wasn’t causing trouble while he was running about. And then, sure enough, it happened… I lost sight of him for about a minute or so. Which would soon reveal that it was more than enough time for him to find the garden and proceed to throw dirt all over himself; as well as rub it all over his face.

Of course, the first thing I thought to myself was, “What a messy boy…” But he’s just a boy, right? And boys will be boys. I bet this isn’t hard to tell, but he was such a mess that I couldn’t help but to take out my phone and snap a few picks of him just enjoying life as a child. Pictures like these are so much better than any studio photo of him could ever be. It’s photos like these that my wife and I want to look back on, as we age away, to remember our children’s funniest moments. Knowing full-well that he would need a bath when we get home was perhaps my only downfall to his fun. But knowing that he’s having fun, and enjoying himself within reason, far outweighs any downside that comes as a result.

It’s hard to think back to my own youth; at least around the age of 2 or 3. But eveytime that I see my son getting messy and I happen to *sigh* as a result of his behavior, my parents always make sure to remind me that I was no saint as a kid either. And they seem to get joy out of seeing me having to deal with these situations – almost as if to say that Karma is a debt that will always come to collect. Lol, but that’s ok. Maybe when I’m their age and if my son happens to end up with a son of his own, perhaps I might have similar feelings. Only time will tell. Regardless, my son might be a messy boy at times, but he’s just an innocent soul discovering the world around him. And yes – he’s going to encounter a pile of dirt every now and again.

Funny coincidence – as I sit outside writing this blog post and I enjoy yet another beautiful day, my son has once again found another pile of dirt and had proceeded to make a mess of himself. This kid… boys will be boys 🙂

P.S. – the best part is that his shirt says “I Didn’t Do It”

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