Weekends can be just awesome, right? Gone are my days of sitting in the basement for the entire weekend playing Call of Duty. These days, being a relatively new home-owner, I spend my weekends looking for some nice outdoor work (considering that the day is nice to begin with). However, the weekends can at times be filled with just a bunch of ‘blah-ness’ at the same time. And although I would like every weekend to be nice and productive, this weekend was only a decent weekend by a hair-margin. But that’s no ones fault other than my own. Saturday was good. But quite honestly as I sit here writing this… I can’t quite remember what I did..??? Haha, I’m too young to be forgetting things already. But what I DO remember is that it wasn’t a bad day. Because we all tend to remember those, right?

Today (Sunday) was unfortunately a very bland day. I had plans of waking up right at 7:00 am and mowing the lawn. But instead I woke up at 8:30 and lounged around the house catching up on all my social media feeds. I had discussed plans with my wife to go to a specific store in the area and pick up a cast iron skillet that my sister had told me about… that didn’t happen either. By 2:00, I was just feeling downright lazy! So what better way to accommodate that than taking a nice Sunday nap? Let me tell you, daytime naps sound great and all, but to me, they are one of the riskiest things I can do on a weekend. You don’t know if you’re going to wake up feeling brand new and refreshed, or if you’re going to wake up feeling like a mess that isn’t well rested at all!

Take today for example: I ended up dozing off for about an hour and a half. I basically work up looking and feeling like this:

Screenshot at Jun 04 22-04-56.png

This picture to describes EXACTLY how I felt when I awoke from that nap, lol. It was just a state of confusion, kind of had a headache, and just an overall non-rested feeling. But hey, that’s naps for you… or me… actually just me. Aside from that, its been a pretty good evening. Both the kiddos are out, and my wife and I are about to call it a day as well. I just hope this sleep treats me better than that nap did. Good Night, all!

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