I might have a small Converse obsession.

“Shoe Love is True Love”

Let me start off this post by stating very clearly that I am not a sneaker-head. I don’t have a large collection of Jordans. Even though this post’s title suggests that it is clearly about Converse shoes, I don’t even have a large collection of Converse shoes! With that out of the way, let me tell you how I have had a complete 180-degree view of Converse.

As a young adolescent, my shoe tastes were pretty simple. In fact, I didn’t have much taste. But what I do remember is jumping on the band-wagon as soon as a trend started to hit. The few trends that stood out the most to me were in my middle/high school years. In middle school, the big thing was… wait for it… Phat Farms. Yes indeed, Phat Farms. And beyond that, going into high school: Nike Shox.

But that was my youth. I was all about joining the crowd just because shoes were in, not because I genuinely wanted them. But I think that’s how children/young adults are for the most part. They desire to be relevant and trendy. And who knows, perhaps what I’m about to discuss is me doing the same. Except the biggest differences between then and now is that this time, I love the shoes that I wear on my feet. So here’s the featured photo again so you can get a quick glimpse of what I’m about to dive in to.


Converse. Specifically: Chuck Taylors. Chuck Taylors have been around forever. At one point, they were the hottest basketball shoe around! Back in my day of Phat Farms and Nike Shox, I Hated these shoes. That’s right – I thought that Chuck Taylors were the most simplistic and ugliest shoe there was on the market. Now – fast forward to just the past few years, and they are easily my favorite shoe. When I was living in an apartment with my best friend, I bought my first pair of Chuck Taylors. They were all-white high tops. At the time, I still wasn’t crazy about them. I bought them because my best friend and I were going to a Life in Color concert, so I was looking for a full-white outfit from top to bottom in order to get completely painted with different neon colors. Not sure what Life in Color is? Basically a dance concert where the crowd get blasted with neon paint throughout the show. So white Chuck Taylors were definitely the way to go. Then from there, my use for Converse just started to develop. I found that Converse were practical for some lifts in the gym, so I decided to get an all-black pair of high tops. Those, I really like (and I still have them). Classic Chuck Taylors. I wasn’t necessarily crazy about them just yet..

As you might be aware, Nike bought and now owns Converse. But the Chuck Taylors have been around for decades. So why change something so good? While these continue to be in production, Converse decided to do a bit of a redesign on their very successful classic. The Chuck Taylor II. In case you haven’t noticed, the photo above shows Chuck Taylor II’s, but there are a few details in them that make them different from the classics that have been around forever. One of the biggest differences, which you can’t see in the photo, is that these Chuck Taylor II’s now come with a comfort insole provided by Nike. And WOW, that thing makes a world of difference. I like the classics, but they’re hard to walk around in for an extended period. I know what you’re thinking, “Hey Omar, why don’t you just go buy some Dr. Scholls to put in the classics?”¬†Well, I would do that; the only problem with that is F*ck off, Carol. Let me do what I so choose! **Ahem** sorry about that; an unnecessary out-lash at a baby boomer. Its not personal except it is.

Any who – the exterior of these Chuck Taylor II’s have a few differences as well. To not go too much in to detail, just take a quick side-by-side look with Google to see what I mean. But back to the photo above. First, I bought the maroon ones in the far back. 2 weeks later, I bought the grey ones. And about a month later (which was just last weekend), I bought the black ones. These shoes are super comfortable, simplistic, and relatively cheap. I haven’t paid more than $55 for either set. Relating back to the start of this post – I’m not entirely sure that these shoes are mainstream like the ones I described above. For once, I’m buying a shoe that I really like. And now I’m getting started on the quick path to collecting as many colors as possible. I just Really like these shoes, and I at times feel compelled to buy a new color with every opportunity I get! But why am I spending so much money on different colors of the same shoe? Well, Carol: why do you have a wooden display case full of expensive plates that never get used? Instead, you could have used that money to refinish your hardwood floors instead on laying linoleum over them.

Check Mate, Carol. Check Mate.

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