A regular (but productive) evening out.

So I stepped out with my wife and kids this evening. We went and tackled the daunting task that nearly any human being will encounter at some point… groceries. I know, you can already tell this post will be exciting!

My wife and I have made a habit out of creating a list before we go on our grocery run; for two reasons. First, it allows us to remember everything that we need, and not arrive back at home missing something. Second (and perhaps most important), it gives our shopping trip structure! Now, let’s all sit in a circle and collectively take an Altoid mint and be honest with each other… who here has ever convinced themselves that cookies and donuts should have ‘definitely been on the list, but I just forgot to add them’? Haha, exactly! Now my wife and I are by no means any saints on this subject. Even now, we’re still guilty of grabbing the occasional snack that isn’t necessary, or even in the list! And believe me, for those of you that do not have children yet: when you have a toddler with you… well… let’s just say that Player 3 has entered the match. My (almost) 3-year old son, who is now very conscious of the wonderful world of treats and goodies that surround him, knows all too when the shape, color, and design of his favorite cookies and donuts. At our own fault, my wife and I will go with the flow and give the little guy a high five and tell him “Thanks, friend! I ‘totally‘ forgot to add that to the list!

In any case, grocery shopping with the family is actually something I enjoy doing. Some may say that there’s nothing exciting about it. But in all honesty, its much better than sitting at home just watching television. Its the same thing week after week, but there’s not much that I can handle in the afternoon beyond getting in the car and cruising with the windows down with my wife and kids in tow. Well… maybe a pizza would be nice. But that’s besides the point – I’ll get to my pizza obsession in later posts. Now back to my monochromatic fantasy of grocery shopping. Driving around with my family is great; I literally love being with them. Even if the destination is the grocery store where I will spend my hard-earned money just so my first son can continue to enjoy his honey graham crackers, and my second just be along for the ride, (as well as being with my hot wife [WOO!]) it’s these little fun moments with my family that I so desperately and continuously seek to enjoy.


P.S. – My wife is the individual in the featured photo. Just imagine the looks I was getting at the store while walking behind this woman (my wife) taking pictures, haha! Btw, there’s a sale on Ice Mountain bottled water – 24 pack. Top-left corner of the featured photo.

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